MITEY2019 conference presentations

More than 140 delegates attended our #MITEY2019 conference in central London on 4 September 2019, and 98% of respondents to our evaluation said they were highly satisfied (68%) or satisfied (30%) with the day. Here are a few of their comments:

Your plan and vision is brilliant. Keep pushing.

It was a wonderful combination of fresh thinking about gender, practice and policy, voices from men working in the field and really constructive dialogues among men and women. So grown-up, reflective and energised. Well done to everyone.

Brilliant, informative, great discussions.

And here are (most of) the presentations. The speakers have agreed to their work being shared here, but they all retain copyright so do please credit them if citing their work:

Minority Report: Tales from the 3%: to watch our 30-minute panel discussion follow this link.

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