One man’s MITEY story

Sometimes a piece of feedback catches you off-guard and makes you realise that what you do is worthwhile. Below is an email we received last week, from a practitioner we’ve never met or worked with, but who has obviously been touched by our work. We share it here simply because we are really proud to have received it.


As a male practitioner working within the early years, I have had a number of issues during my career which would not have happened if I was a female. Reading this page has made me feel so great about being a man in a nursery. I have had so many positive experiences during my career where I have proven my worth to teach and someday would like to become a teacher in a primary school. 

I have been faced with challenges where parents have had issues with me as they felt that it was “creepy” that I have chosen to train and work within this field. There has also been a large amount of stereotypes about my sexual orientation and people making assumptions about my life purely based on these facts. 

Reading your charter has made me feel so great about my work and the video about the 5 men who work within the early years has really lifted my spirits. If anything, I feel I thrive working with the ladies I work with. There are a lot of children who bond better with men and I have therefore been able to support many children in so many ways. 

All of the women I work with have never been anything less than supportive. I remember when I first started and many of them said “I would never expect to work with a man within this field, however, I am excited to see what you will bring to the table and I look forward to working with you”. 

The world is a forever changing place and men and people of all varieties of personalities and backgrounds should be encouraged to follow what they want to do and should celebrate whilst doing it.

(Name withheld)

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