MITEY began in 2017 as a page on the Fatherhood Institute website. The year before, David Wright and the Southampton Men in Early Years group had organised the first national conference on men in early years. That was followed in 2017 by the MITEY North conference in Bradford and in 2018 another conference, this time led by the Bristol Men in Early Years network.

We launched this website in April 2019, and during 2019-20 we are publishing a series of resources, supported by funding from the Department for Education, here. Some, like the MITEY Charter, are for employers; others are aimed at men who might be interested in early years careers, and for careers advisers, to help them promote early years as a career for men and boys.

We held the 4th national MITEY conference on 4 September 2019, in central London (read more in MITEY in the press and here).

Now we are working hard to strengthen and expand MITEY as a national network and campaign, providing accessible information, resources and support for men interested in, or already working in, early years careers – and for organisations (such as employers, training providers, careers advice services).

Our vision is of a mixed-gender, gender-flexible early years workforce delivering a high quality, gender-sensitive education to our youngest children.

We can’t do this alone.

If you want to work with us to change the status quo, we want to hear from you.

We are interested in developing partnerships with early years employers, training bodies, careers advice services, local authorities, trade unions and others.

We are also interested in working with academics, to develop research projects that can help create positive change in this area.

Please get in touch.

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