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Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development report (2019) Good Practice for Good Jobs in Early Childhood Education and Care

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North East Glasgow Gender Friendly Nursery pilot Evaluation (2018) and Support Pack (2018)

Care Inspectorate/ Zero Tolerance (2018) Gender Equal Play in Early Learning and Childcare

Improving Gender Balance Scotland (2017) An action guide for early learning and childcare practitioners


Here are our recommendations for the best books to read if you want to improve your understanding of WHY we should be creating a mixed-gender early years workforce, and HOW to do it.

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Articles and other resources

This very interesting article by American psychologist Scott Kaufman for Scientific American, asks why people attribute the lack of women in STEM subjects to external factors (like gender stereotyping), but think the lack of men in caregiving jobs is due to internal factors (like their lack of desire to do such work).

Here’s a piece in Holyrood magazine, by Alison Malcolm from Scottish Funding Council, which has been working hard to grow male participation in early years education.

Mental health campaigner Natasha Devon MBE wrote this excellent piece, The UK must relax about men interacting with children if we want more male early years and primary teachers, for the Times Educational Supplement in 2018.

Read BBC Future’s potted summary of Professor Gina Rippon’s seminal book The Gendered Brain.

How can we attract more men into London’s early years workforce? is a report that arose from a Trust for London-funded project, and provided the Fatherhood Institute with much learning that helped inform the development of MITEY.

The National Careers Service has some descriptions of different early years job roles, including Nursery worker, Early years teacher and Play worker.

You can find other useful resources on the old Fatherhood Institute MITEY page (no longer being updated).

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