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Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development report (2019) Good Practice for Good Jobs in Early Childhood Education and Care

London Early Years Foundation/ University of Wolverhampton report: Men in Childcare: Does it matter to children? What do they say?


Here are our recommendations for the best books to read if you want to improve your understanding of WHY we should be creating a mixed-gender early years workforce, and HOW to do it.

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Articles etc

Mental health campaigner Natasha Devon MBE wrote this excellent piece, The UK must relax about men interacting with children if we want more male early years and primary teachers, for the Times Educational Supplement in 2018.

Read BBC Future’s potted summary of Professor Gina Rippon’s seminal book The Gendered Brain.

You can find other useful resources on the old Fatherhood Institute MITEY page (no longer being updated).

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