Apprentices references

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2. For an accessible summary of the biology and psychology of fatherhood watch Becoming Dad: the Science of Fatherhood by Dr Anna Machin

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8. In a Department for Education survey, 10% of parents said they were ‘neutral’ about the idea of men working in early years, 6% ‘unsure’ and 5% opposed; 8% said male staff should not have the same duties and responsibilities as female colleagues. See Davies, J. (2019) The MITEY guide to communicating with parents about male staff. London: Fatherhood Institute.

9.  Cremers, M., Krabel, J., and Calmbach, M. (2010 ) Male Educators in Kitas. A study on the situation of men in early childhood education. Catholic University of applied social sciences Berlin and Sinus Sociovision GmbH, Heidelberg/Berlin.

10.  Burgess & Davies (see footnote 3 above).

11. Figures compiled by MITEY. For a fuller narrative and references see

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