Help us inspire more men: be a MITEY case study

We are looking for male early years practitioners who would be happy to act as case studies four our campaign, to help encourage other men to take up a career in early years education.

If you would be happy to tell us the story of how you decided to work in early years, what your route was into this work, and what you enjoy about it, please get in touch.

We are interested in hearing from anyone keen to share their story, but we are particularly looking for:

  • Men who previously worked in a ‘typically male’ job (soldier, builder etc) and now work in early years
  • Men inspired (and/or approached/invited) to do this work through their experience as a hands-on father
  • Young men who made the decision to join the early years workforce recently (within the last 2 years)
  • Men from a black or minority ethnic background
  • Men who identify as gay, bisexual, trans/ non-binary/ gender queer.

We will need a good quality photo of you.

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